Web Hosting

Web hosting is the final step after the website has been designed and developed. Hosting is basically moving your website onto a public server that is accessible online to everybody.

There are many things you have to take into consideration when choose a web host:

  • cost: cheaper is not necessarilty better
  • reliability: is it a reputable company
  • uptime: how often does their network go offline?
  • features: do they offer email, database access, secure servers, e-commerce?
  • support: do you have to wait 2 hours on the phone every time you call?
  • bandwidth: how much traffic are you allowed every month?
  • platform: does it support the platform that your website was developed for?

All these aspects of a web hosting company are important, but the ones that are most relevant to your website are the ones that depend on the purpose of your website. If you want to run a web business, for instance, then it is critical that your website be available all the time. You do not want it to be unavailable for an hour every day. And if something goes wrong, you want to be assured that someone is monitoring your website and will restart it for you if it crashes, otherwise a problem may go unnoticed for days during which you can lose many potential customers.

Choose your San Jose website carefully.

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