Setting up a Database in MySQL

Creating a MySQL database is typically done through your web hosting provider. Many host providers allow you to do this via the web host admin panel they provide. You will also require a host name. Home servers typically default to "localhost", whereas a web server might have something like "".

In addition, you will require a user ID and password to access the database. Typically, you can create mutiple user accounts for a single database, each with a different set of permissions. Some accounts might be set up only to retreive data from the database, whereas other accounts might be allowed to add, modify or delete data as well. The choice is up to you.

Once you can access your database, you will need to add tables . Tables are basically a way of organizing data, just like you would in a chart on a piece of paper. Tables are made up of fields. Each field can hold a specific piece of data. For example, if I wanted to create a table which contained information about cars, I would create a table containing fields like make, model, year, cost, etc.

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